CAROLINA SCHOOL of MUSIC is an educational wing of the music ministry of Colonial Baptist Church located at 6051Tryon Road in Cary, NC. Established in 2001, the Carolina School of Music (CSM) exists to raise up a generation of musicians who are “trained and skilled in music for the LORD.” (1 Chronicles 25:7, NIV) All of our instructors are qualified musicians and gifted teachers who use a variety of methods and musical styles in order to encourage the enjoyment of making music and to prepare students for live performance. The school provides instruction in piano, guitar, vocals, percussion, strings, woodwinds and brass to students of all levels, from beginner to advanced, for an affordable price. Music theory and technique are included in each lesson and music is selected according to the ability and interests of the individual. Students are challenged to improve their musicianship in an encouraging environment which enables them to be an active participant in any musical venue. Performances are encouraged and opportunities are provided in a variety of settings, such as recitals, “Music in the Cafe'” (an open mic venue), and mini-concerts in local retirement centers throughout the year.


—Nancy Siedschlag, Director



Private Lessons

Start lessons at any time.

Registration fee pays the next full month tuition.  If you begin lessons within the month, you pay for the number of lessons available by cash or check at the first lesson.
You will be contacted by phone or email to schedule lessons.


Group Classes

Small Group Ensemble

Students play with other instruments using 4-part arrangements that are interchangeable with various instruments.



MONTHLY TUITION for registered students only

Payment is due by the 15th of the previous month – (ex. payment by Sept. 15th pays the October tuition.)

You may pay via this link monthly, or choose to set up automatic payments. 

Note: Schedule last payment for July. All students must register in August for the new school year.