How payments work

How payments work

Your payment is for one month in advance. Your initial payment at registration covers the first full calendar month. The first payment will not include lessons taken prior to the beginning of the next calendar month.

For example: You sign up for lessons starting in the middle of September. Your first payment covers the entire month of October. At your first lesson you will need to bring a check or cash to your teacher to cover any lessons taken in September. This way you don’t have to wait until the first of the month to begin lessons.  We require payment one month in advance and this way you can still start mid-month.

Remember the first month’s tuition must be paid in advance at time of registration.  After that time you have 2 options of payment:

 1.) Set up an automatic recurring monthly draft from your checking or credit card account.  You  can do this on-line at the Payment link using password.

 2.) Remember to make the monthly payment yourself on-line before the 15th of every month. (i.e. Payment for June lessons is due by May 15th.)