How do I register and enroll?

First, we ask that you complete the on-line registration. After you complete the registration,  Nancy Siedschlag, the school director, will then contact you to schedule your private lesson time that works best for you. If we are unable to schedule a mutually agreeable time, your on-line payment will be refunded.


When are lessons offered?

Because each teacher maintains an individual calendar, lessons are scheduled at varying times. Normally, private lessons are offered weekdays, between 2:00 – 8:00 PM


How old should my child be to enroll?

We are happy to take students interested in piano and keyboard lessons beginning in kindergarten. Otherwise, we suggest that other instrumental training begin in the fourth grade to allow adequate time for your child to develop the necessary fine motor skills to embark on their journey. Age requirements for vocal instruction truly vary depending on the individual.


Do we offer instruction for adults?

Certainly a frequently asked question and the answer is: Yes, yes, yes!! We gladly welcome all ages, adults who want to both begin their education and those who wish to continue to improve their skills and techniques.