JULY 22-26, 5:30-8:00 PM

All campers (except Practical Theory) will perform at the

Faculty & Friends Recital July 27, 6:30 PM

Early Registration = ends May 31

Registration = ends July 15


Recorder Karate

Come learn to play the recorder and earn your recorder belts as we go through the week! Along with learning the notes of the recorder and both familiar and new tunes, we will learn general music theory and how to read music in the treble clef. Recorder is a great introduction to wind instruments. Recorder and music will be provided.

Requirements: Ages 8-12. (Must be 8 by 9/1/19)

Instructor: Carey Randall





Beginning Guitar  

Students will learn the fundamentals, including scales, chords, tuning, arpeggios and rhythm in a small group setting. Students will be able to play a few songs on the very first day. Students will perform at least one song for the recital on Saturday evening.

Requirements: Ages 8-12. (Must be 8 by 9/1/19) Students must provide their own acoustic or electric guitar (if electric, they must also bring their own amp)

Instructor: Nancy Siedschlag




Handbell Camp

(Maximum of 20 participants)

Students will be introduced to the art of hand-bells, including proper techniques in bell ringing, as well as reading music to find notes on the music staff. Students will perform for the Saturday recital to demonstrate what they have learned.

Requirements: Ages 10-14. Previous experience or prior knowledge of reading music is NOT required. Long hair must be pulled back and no jewelry during camp.

Instructor: Mrs. Vicki Scott



Band Camp

Students will be working on developing good technique skills, ensemble playing skills, as well as learning some songs that will be suited for the group. They will do some unison playing to develop listening skills and some divided parts songs. Students will perform at least one song for the recital on Saturday evening. Come on out and enjoy a fun-filled week of music!!

Requirements: Ages 10-14. Students must have studied at least one year on a band instrument. 

Instructor: Elizabeth Taylor



Strings Camp

Strings camp will involve students in daily string instruction. Students will be engaged in method book study, rhythmic and counting activities, and basic string pedagogy and technique. Students will also be provided the opportunity to study strings musical literature and prepare for a featured recital performance at the end of the camp.

Requirements: Ages 10-14. Note reading on all strings of the student’s principal instrument is strongly encouraged. Knowledge of one octave scales such as (G major, D major, C major) and basic counting and rhythm is required.

Instructor: Winifred Marecheau



Sing and Show Choir

If you love to sing and want to show it, then this “Sing and Show Choir” camp is for you! In just five days, you’ll learn the basic fundamentals of singing, while at the same time experience the fun of a Show Choir number that will involve simple blocking, staging, props and choreography!  The culmination of the week will be performing a show tune medley at our Faculty and Friends recital!  Open to ages 12 and up!

Requirements: Ages 12-18 (Must be by 12 by 9/1/19)

Instructors: Cheryl Coleman and Andrea Siedschlag



Practical Theory

The class is intended to introduce basic concepts of Music Theory – melody, harmony, rhythm, etc. – up to the modern era (“post-tonality”).  The goal of theory should always be to promote appreciation of music, not just learn how to analyze it, so the focus will be on function.  Concepts like keys, the Circle of Fifths, chords and their inversions and how they function, rhythm, and an understanding of how melody “works” will be the basis of the class.  We will briefly touch on the end of the Romantic period when tonality began to be obscured.  And we will complement theory with ear training and sight singing.

Requirements: Ages high school through adult

Instructor: Ralph Reddick