Teachers’ Schedule


The school is open Monday – Friday, 2:00-8:00 PM, lesson times depend on each instructor’s schedule and availability. 

Cheryl Coleman – Available Monday, Tuesday only – teaches voice

Mary Fuller  – Available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – teaches voice, piano, clarinet, flute and saxophone

Leyanah Kelly –  Available Thursday and Friday only – teaches beginning violin

Winifred Marecheau – Available Tuesday only – teaches primarily violin, also viola and cello (not beginners) on a limited basis

Dylan Nixon – Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday – teaches all band instruments, piano and ukulele

Carey Randall – Available on Monday only – teaches oboe, piano and beginning guitar and works with students with special needs

Paul Schirmer – Available Monday and Thursday only – teaches drums and guitar

Nancy Siedschlag – Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – teaches piano, french horn, trumpet, limited beginning guitar and works with students with special needs

Mark Starlin – Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – teaches primarily guitar, will teach bass guitar

Elizabeth Taylor – Available Tuesday and Thursday only – teaches all band instruments


Please visit Our Staff page for detailed information on teachers.

Please email nancys@colonial.org for specific available slots.